Travian Farm Finder

Farm  Finder for TravianTravian Farm Finder are very similar if not the same as a crop finder. Finding a farm to raid on travian is a tricky affair. One has to simply spend just too much time clicking hexes to find a suitable village. It could literally take forever. Keeping in mind what a fast paced game travian is, it is just unacceptable to waste the limited time on hand looking for new farms to expand the empire. A Farm finder plugs data directly from travian and even recommends potential farms with a in depth detail about the player and alliances.

Farm refers to a village which is attacked regularly. The intentions of these attacks are mainly to collect resources. A player addressed as a farm usually is of no worth. Farms are regularly raided early on in the game to collect resources at a faster pace.

Hence, to solve this problem a series of elite players on travian coded a variety of scripts and programs to assist them in finding a farm  faster. This allows them to leverage the software to accomplish more tasks in limited time. Most of this software available on the internet are either paid or have a series of adware associated with the installer. These adwares are not only a major  threat to your privacy but also slows down your computer.

Luckily, we have some of the best farm finders available on the world wide web for travian at the moment available on our site. Most of these programs are coded in JAVA or Grease monkey. They’ve been tested for functionality and performance time and time again. I personally as the admin of this site use it. It not only works as a charm but also gives me an edge over my competitors who still use manual methods to find a farm. Its a nice feeling to know that your one step ahead in the game. Its tools like these that allows you to cut through the crowd and make it to the top.

The programs available for download on the site have been tested by all the leading anti viruses and malware checkers. All downloads are safe and none of the files raised any kinds of flags or suspicious warnings during the check.  In short, there is nothing to worry about.

No, you wont get banned for using a farm finder. Most of this scripts are required to run for relatively short period of time. There is actually no way you could raise a flag with the mods. But if you are paranoid you could configure a series of settings through the user interface. You can also select a bunch of randomization settings to ensure that the whole process is not monotonous. Randomization ensures that your movements are received as normal human behavior.