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The Download link has been sucessfully sent to your mail !

The download links for the crop finder has been successfully been sent to your inbox.  The mail is sent instantly, if not max it should take is 10 minutes. If you didn’t receive the link check your junk folder or try a different email address.

Download Travian Crop Finder

The travian crop finder you are looking for is just one step away. We’ve spent a lot of time coding this cropper. It also takes a considerable man hours to keep the code up to date and bug free. But we don’t want a penny for our efforts ! Servers for the crop finder and this site are very expensive and it is really difficult for us to pay. Therefore we seek your support to pay the fees.  We’d really appreciate if you’d follow the instructions below and support the cause.

Download travian crop finder

Instructions to download the Crop finder

  • Click the Download button
  • You’ll be prompted to fill a free Sponsored survey. ( Servers are expensive and this is how we pay for them. All the surveys are safe so please don’t hesitate )
  • Enter Your Name and Email Id
  • Download the crop finder from the link mailed to you.

Download travian crop finder

Thank you for your Support !

There is noway we could have brought the crop finder where it is now without your unprecedented support. To avoid mass sharing and infection of our code with viruses we’ve implemented a new security step. We mail our users the crop finders. This discourages leechers.


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