Travian Crop Finder : Automated Cropping at its Best

A village with more than 6 crop fields is usually called a ‘Cropper’.  Having  travian croppers is very important to sustain a large army.  But the difficult question is and always has been that how do you actually find one? Going through all the hexes looking for one could literally take forever.  Every problem has a solution. This one does too. By using travian crop finder you could easily save time on finding a cropper.

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Looking for a cropper without a script or program could take hours. I personally spent 6 hours to find my first cropper. I kind of had a sore wrist by the end of the whole process. I don’t recommend or wish this for anyone.

What exactly is a travian crop finder?

They are specialized algorithms implemented by the means of scripts or programs which automate the repetitive task of clicking hexes and identify a cropper when found.  A notification is issued to inform the user about the finding. They can be based online or offline.

From past experience, offline crop finders hCrop finderave been more reliable and versatile.  All the crop finders available on this site are thoroughly tested and scanned for virus before sharing. They are also constantly updated to account for the bugs or change in onsite user interface. This allows us to ensure our program is working always.

Who are we and why do we do this?

We are a bunch of travian fanatics who happen to be good with computers and programming. One fine day while looking for a cropper I got annoyed. Enough was enough and I had to find a way to never look so hard for a cropper. I decided to write a program for it.

Initially, I was all lost on how to implement the algorithm but things started to come together eventually. The program is coded in JAVA and requires no additional installs on your side. Once the program was completed, it has been shared all over the internet. The code is not only stable with various releases of microsoft windows but also very reliable. We get 100s of mails a day thanking us for our software. There is not better feeling. We also get a ton of email requesting us for added functionality, we try to integrate as many as possible with the new releases.

How do I get it and how much does it cost?

Good news, It doesn’t cost a dime. But we do eventually do ask our users to complete free surveys and offers. On completion users get access to the file and we get a small commission from the advertisers. We use this money to pay for our servers. It also serves as a incentive for us to keep our code up to date and bug free. Your support is appreciated and necessary.

Download the Travian Crop finder now !